What Are Some Of The Ways To Make Small Space Look Bigger?

Do you have small rooms in your home? Are you looking for ways to create expansions of the homes? Having small spaces shouldn’t be short on style as well. Re-creating a small space into a bigger space can be a great challenge. Further, small spaces are easier to decorate. All the top interior designers Patna have excellent ideas for decorating small spaces. 

The best way of decoration is to use mirrors in the rooms. The mirrors turn to be magical for making the visual expansion of the rooms. 

Best Ways to make small space look bigger

  • Choosing pastel and neutral colour schemes

Dark colours create a cosy atmosphere in the rooms, but cool colours make the rooms open and airy. So, if you want an open feel, it’s best to select pastel hues like blue and green to have optimum effects.   Choose neutral shades belonging to the same family. Besides, use toned upholstery fabrics and textured finished walls. Cool colours make the rooms bright. It increases the intensity of the rooms as well. 

  • Make better use of glass

It’s best to use glass materials that will make the objects appear throughout the room. The frameless crystal glass is far better than the opaque one. Even though the room size is small, yet it will seem to be bigger. 

The clear glass will help you to see the back shower. The effects can be dramatic as well. The interior designer in Patna will help you choose various styles of glasses. Also, use glass as tabletops. 

  • Do the enhancing with lights

You can bring a whole new style to your room by incorporating the right lights. Use ceiling lights having plenty of details. This will draw people’s eyes to the extra height of the room. Also, Boho-styled lampshades are statement pieces for every room. 

Don’t use heavy fabrics that absorb too much light. Linen fabrics are best for small rooms. The linen ones create a sophisticated and chic look. Also, these linens are durable. 

  • Adding of reflective surfaces

You can use a single large mirror in the centre of the room. Furthermore, use mirrored walls having more style. The light will be better reflected, providing an open feeling. You can add a side coffee table. Also, mirrored drawer chest has a similar effect. 

Don’t use too many rugs when you have a small room. With the right ideas, you can create a dramatic look for your rooms. 


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